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THE BIG LONG (with Colin Wiel & Doug Brien, Amplify, 2022)
*USAToday bestseller*

Inspired by Michael Lewis' The Big Short, this book shows what happens when smart, gutsy entrepreneurs "go long" on a wild idea—in this case, investing in single family homes in 2008, when the real estate market was melting down. I helped these two geniuses shape their story and reveal how today's corporate real estate boom got started: with two guys who said, "What if...?"

Remote leadership cover.jpg

REMOTE LEADERSHIP (with David Pachter, Amplify, 2021)

David Pachter's outsourced sales company, JumpCrew, was thriving in 2020 when COVD-19 forced everyone to work from home. David and his team managed not only to keep the company alive but to grow its headcount and create a vital culture despite lockdowns and quarantines. This is the story of how he did it, and how any organization can create a culture of excellence and achievement...even over Zoom.

RB cover.jpeg

RARE BREED (with Sunny Bonnell & Ashleigh Hansberger, HarperOne, 2019) 

This book has become a cult sensation and a manifesto of personal freedom and identity. Written with gusto, it's built around a unique premise: the obsessive, temperamental, arrogant misfits we encounter also tend to be the disruptive geniuses who bring us game-changing ideas and visionary leadership. Rare Breed is about how to recognize those qualities in yourself and others, and how to show up as who you truly are, without apology, in your life and career.  

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