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Coaching & Consulting

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What's the point of being freelance if you can't work at a tiki bar, amirite?

"How can I build my ghostwriting career?"


Ghostwriting is, hands down, one of the best ways to be a professional writer. You already know this, because you're doing it. But maybe you'd like to do it...better. You'd like to earn more money, land Big Five publishing deals, work with top literary agents, have more freedom—the works. I can help with that, by sharing what I know as your ghostwriting coach.

     First, let me tell you what I WON'T be doing: teaching you how to write. I assume you're already good at that. But in weekly phone or videoconference sessions, we'll dig into practically every other aspect of being successful as a full-time ghostwriter:

  • Getting clients

  • Client management

  • Book development

  • Project management

  • Time management & productivity

  • What to charge

  • Contracts

  • Literary agents

  • Publishers

  • Book proposals

  • Finances

  • Building your brand

  • The freelance lifestyle

I've been freelance since 1995, written about 70 books, worked with every major New York publishing other words, I know my stuff. I'll help you get better clients, make more money, build a stable of agents, editors, and clients who bring you referrals, write better faster, and enjoy being a ghost even more than you do now. 

     What does coaching cost? $500/month for a one-hour weekly call, plus unlimited emails or texts. We sit down, you talk about what you need or what you're struggling with, we find answers together, and you get out there and crush it. Also, you can cancel at any time if you don't think you're getting the value you want.  

     One thing: I only take on a maximum of 10 coaching clients at a time, so if this sounds good to you, get on it. Click below to book a free "get to know you" call and let's do this. 


"Is my book idea good?

Is it marketable?"


Plenty of smart, talented individuals not only want a book, they want to write it themselves. The trouble is, they often don't know where to start. Is their book idea original? Does it have commercial potential? Should they seek a publishing deal or self-publish? How do they organize their book and write it within their busy schedule? Once it's written, what then?

     Deep breath. I get it. This can be overwhelming. That's why I started my consulting practice. I'll come to your home or office and for two days, we'll dig into every facet of your book project:


  • Concept

  • Structure

  • Title & subtitle

  • Audience

  • Intellectual property

  • Your goals & what success looks like

  • Productivity best practices

  • Publishing options

  • Marketing

  • Brand development

  • Ways to make your book pay


I'll go back to my writing cave and in a few weeks, send you your comprehensive "Shelf Awareness" report in hard copy and digital form. It will be your authorship bible, your reference of every best practice, smart choice and useful resource you need to get your book written and make it successful. 

     What does my consulting service cost? $7500 plus travel expenses. That's pricey, but you're getting the undivided attention of a writing and publishing expert with more than 25 years of experience and a bucketload of bestsellers and awards. Plus, I'll be a phone call away during the writing, ready to offer tips, answer questions, and give good advice. 

Ready to do this?

Call me at 805-216-1164 

or email me at

to get started. 

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