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(with DeVon Franklin, HarperOne, 2017)

*Publishers Weekly bestseller*

My third book with DeVon—movie producer, preacher, teacher and all around inspiration. This is a follow-up to our first book, Produced By Faith, and a continuation of that discussion: How can you not only remain true to your spiritual wisdom in your secular career, but use spiritual teachings to actually advance your career and have a better life? It's possible, and in these pages we show you exactly how to do it. 

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BRAINWASHED (with Merril Hoge & Peter Cummings, MD, Amplify, 2018)

One of my favorite projects, Brainwashed is pure investigative journalism into the truth behind the claims that football is causing an epidemic of chronic traumatic encephalopathy among players. Spoiler alert: the truth is a lot more complicated than the hype. Together, former NFL star Hoge, Dr. Cummings and I dug deep to reveal the serious flaws in the well as the real, science-based ways athletes in all sports can protect the health of their brains. 

Truth About Men cover.jpeg

(with DeVon Franklin, Simon & Schuster, 2019) 

**Publishers Weekly Bestseller**

Are men dogs, animals driven by the lust for sex, acquisition, and status? Well, yes and no. In our fourth collaboration, DeVon and I sought to answer a basic question: "Why do men cheat?" What we found was a lot more complicated. This book is an owner's manual for women seeking to understand their men, and for men who want to be better partners and to live with peace and honor.

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