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(with Tracy Maylett and Matthew Wride, Wiley & Sons, 2017)

A follow-up book to Tracy's successful book on employee engagement, MAGIC, this book offers readers a provocative view of pleasing customers: quit worrying about them. Instead, make sure your employees are having a terrific experience and they'll provide the same for customers. Tracy and Matt do that by going into detail about the Three Contracts employers have with their people and a lot more. 


(with Rhonda Shear, Mascot Books, 2017)

From New Orleans beauty queen and struggling actress to late-night TV star and award-winning "bimbopreneur," Rhonda Shear has had a life full of stories, characters, and great lessons. This book is part memoir, part advice book for women looking for ways to live their dreams while remaining true to themselves. Up All Night is one of my favorite books I've ever written, and I hope Rhonda and I will write many more. 


(with DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good, Simon & Schuster, 2016) 

**New York Times Bestseller**

This book took the publishing and faith worlds by storm with its simple, straightforward message: if you want to enjoy deep love and a lasting relationship with the person you were meant to be with, you're better off being celibate until marriage. The Wait turned DeVon and Meagan's extraordinary courtship into a winning, life-changing bestseller.  

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