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I hear voices.

     No, there's nothing wrong with me. (You in the back, wipe that smirk off your face.) They’re the voices of my authors. Since 2004 I've listened to those voices and stories and turned them into compelling, award-winning nonfiction books. I've enjoyed multiple New York Times bestsellers and had more than 20 books published by imprints like Simon & Schuster, Hachette, PenguinRandomHouse, HarperCollins, Wiley & Sons, Hay House, and The MIT Press. 

     Sometimes the work involves developing a concept, doing hours of interviews and ghostwriting a book from scratch. Or I’ll write a book proposal that gets the author an agent and a publishing deal. Perhaps I’ll advise and coach while they write their own rough draft, then edit and polish the manuscript until it shines.

​     Whichever path my authors choose, my job is the same: help them bring their stories to the world in a way that furthers their goals. I’ve done it nearly 70 times and I can probably do it for you in one of many genres:

  • Memoir

  • Self-Help

  • Business

  • Finance

  • True Crime

  • Music

  • Religion

​     Me? I’m a native Californian who’s found his way to Kansas City, Missouri. I’m a lifelong writer, starting with my days at California State University, Fullerton to my time as a magazine journalist, and then moving on to my work in advertising and marketing, and finally, to the world of books and publishing. 

     These days, I'm a husband and a father to two amazing daughters. I'm an L.A. Dodgers fanatic, a beagle wrangler, a jazz vocalist and harmonica player, a sailor and a world traveler who aspires one day to build a wooden sailboat from scratch and name it after my grandfather. 

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